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Carpet Care

Comprehensive Carpet Care

September 10, 2012
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First Impressions are the Most Important

Flooring is the first impression of a facility. When a person walks into a building, he or she immediately observes the state of the carpet and draws conclusions about the overall cleanliness. Those conclusions lead to assumptions about the way business is done on the premises. Clean carpeting sends a strong message of excellence to building occupants. Preserving the appearance and value of flooring should be a top priority for any facility service provider.

In order to ensure long-lasting, attractive carpeting, service providers must create a carpet care plan and implement it with consistency. Don't lay the burden solely on cleaning professionals, who, due to the monotony of vacuuming tasks, may miss visual cues that carpet is dulling over time.

A carpet care plan should detail vacuum frequencies for high-traffic, mid-traffic, and low-traffic areas in addition to regular carpet cleaning. It should also include a method for recording the location of spots or stains for treatment. This removes the guesswork for cleaning professionals and enables them to perform their duties with confidence that a comprehensive plan is in place.

As with most effective facility management, it is about giving cleaning professionals the greatest chance of success. This not only requires a carpet care plan, mapping the way to maintain the value of the facility, but it also requires the right vacuum.

Daily vacuuming is the largest slice of the pie chart of carpet maintenance. Done properly, a consistent vacuum routine can reduce the need for carpet cleaning, and preserve the life of commercial carpet indefinitely. A high-efficiency backpack vacuum, like ProTeam's new Super Coach Pro™, is an ergonomic solution for daily cleaning that will protect the long-term investment in a facility's flooring.

Daily Vacuuming is the Best Defense

When cleaning professionals feel better physically, they are more productive. When their movement is less restricted, they can clean longer with less effort. These are the principles that ProTeam® designers put into practice when they created the Super Coach Pro, exploiting every opportunity to give cleaning professionals greater functionality than ever before.

The Super Coach Pro's triangular configuration keeps its center of gravity closer to the body, behaving more as an extension of the torso than a piece of equipment. It moves easily through an indoor environment, reducing accidental contact with furniture, walls or doorways.

Its mobility and flexibility makes cleaning automatic and instinctive. The utility belt keeps all needed attachments on hand so cleaners can instantly respond to cobwebs in the corner or dust along the baseboard. This means professionals don't have to rely on their memories to backtrack for missed areas, everything is accessible to clean to the highest standard.

The new FlexFit articulating harness system creates a secure, body-friendly fit that allows for greater reach and freedom of movement. The result is a backpack that is more balanced, and less resistive to the user's movements. A pivoting ball joint connects the vacuum to the upper backplate, which responds to back and shoulder movements with three axes of rotation. The shoulder straps respond when the user is reaching high or low, keeping the vacuum upright and centered.

Soft silicone upper and lower motor-mounts muffle sound and virtually eliminate vibration. As vibration contributes to user discomfort and fatigue, this innovation allows users to clean longer with less effort.

The Super Coach Pro also includes HEPA filtration after the motor for healthier indoor air. ProTeam is partnered with the American Lung Association (ALA) in efforts to educate the public about the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

ProTeam backpacks are easy on the body, gentle with the flooring, and flexible enough for cleaning any space, even hard-to-reach areas. The Super Coach Pro gives the added edge that cleaning professionals need for a carpet care routine that protects the value of the facility.

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