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November 2012 Feature 5

It Pays To Pay Attention To Dispensers

Investing in functional and attractive dispensers will help modernize your restroom while improving health and safety.

November 05, 2012
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People spend an awful lot of time at work — 50 weeks a year on average.

And, a fair amount of that time is spent in the restroom — the equivalent of more than three work days a year, according to one estimate.

So, why not make the restroom experience as pleasant as possible?Image courtesy of Kimberly-Clark Professional

A clean and attractive restroom should be the minimum standard.

For facilities that want to leave a lasting impression on tenants and visitors alike, an aesthetically pleasing, hygienic restroom should be the goal.

Selecting the right dispensers is one way to achieve both objectives.

Here are some tips for purchasing towel, tissue and soap dispensing systems.

Update Dispensers 

Like avocado-colored walls, nothing says dated more than old, unattractive dispensers.

Not only can these detract from the appearance of a restroom, older systems can also be less hygienic with buttons, knobs or handles to push, pull and turn.

This can result in the transfer of microbial agents from the hands to the nose, mouth, eyes or environmental surfaces via indirect contact.

Consider replacing your dispensers with a sleek, modern and hygienic system.

Some new offerings even allow you to switch out the internal modules so the dispenser can be changed from one towel or skincare system to another without having to install a new machine.

Get Antimicrobial Protection

Restroom surfaces that are touched frequently may serve as reservoirs of microbial contamination.

The average toilet paper dispenser has more than 150 times the amount of bacteria than the average toilet seat, and paper towel dispensers were found to have over 50 times more bacteria on average than a typical public restroom toilet seat, according to research by Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona.

Image courtesy of Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalOne way to help prevent the spread of germs is to purchase dispensers with built-in antimicrobial technology that protects against common bacteria such as yeasts, molds and fungi.

Make sure the antimicrobial protection is added during the manufacturing process so it is an integral part of the dispenser that will not wash off or wear away.

While better than nothing, surface treatments do not offer the same degree of defense.

Built-in antimicrobial technology also provides protection against most common stain and odor-causing bacteria by inhibiting the growth of microbes on the dispenser.

The antimicrobial protection actually penetrates the bacterium’s cell wall and, as a result, it helps to prevent microbes from growing and reproducing, which keeps dispensers fresher and more hygienic between cleanings. 

Go Touchless

The electronic restroom revolution has greatly enhanced hygiene by eliminating the need to touch dispensers, faucets and toilet handles.

By eliminating one potential source of germs, touchless systems can help reduce their spread.

These systems can also help make the task of using as well as maintaining the restroom easier, more efficient and more cost effective, all while providing improved hygiene and sanitation features.

Touchless systems can operate in different ways.

While many are electronic, there are also mechanical no-touch towel dispensers with no levers to pull that provide the same hygienic benefits as sensor-activated dispensers.

Purchase High-capacity Systems

Maintaining adequate supplies of personal care products is another important aspect of creating and maintaining a sanitary and attractive restroom environment.Modern Commercial Restroom

One way to help ensure an adequate supply of product in the restroom, as well as ease maintenance headaches and reduce costs and waste, is to select high-capacity systems.

These systems can help reduce product run-out by lasting longer and offering less frequent product change-outs.

Many touchless systems are also high capacity, dispensing extra-long roll towels, jumbo-sized coreless bath tissue and longer-lasting soap.

Not only do these systems last longer, they also provide environmental benefits by significantly reducing packaging waste as compared to standard-sized towel or standard cored bath tissue systems.

Selecting the right dispensing systems is one way to make the restroom more attractive and hygienic while keeping tenants satisfied and making a lasting impression on visitors.

It’s an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

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