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The Benefits of Going Green

July 27, 2010
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Green works for the planet. Green works for your business.

Green cleaning — cleaning to protect health without harming the environment — is in the best interests of the eco-system, your business and your employees. Green business ideas and green business initiatives are quickly becoming a normal part of everyday business, making it imperative that businesses develop and implement their own green policies and start doing their part to create a "carbon-neutral" business.

One easy eco-friendly measure that can have a significant impact is using green cleaning products that eliminate harmful and toxic chemicals. There are now many eco-friendly solutions available for use with laundry, on specific needs like grease and stains, and other heavy-duty industrial cleaning jobs. Whether you are just cleaning your office, your restaurant kitchen facility or a manufacturing plant, using natural cleaning products not only allows your business to do its part in helping to improve the environment, it allows your building management team to make a statement that they care first and foremost about their customers and staff.

Clorox Introduces a Green Commercial Cleaner

The Clorox Company has leveraged its world-class expertise in household cleaning to develop four new commercial, 99% natural cleaning products, called Green Works Concentrates. This new product line, from brands that customers already know and trust, is designed to meet the unique challenges of commercial cleaning. That powerful combination gives business owners the advantages of satisfying current tenants and employees, and attracting new customers.

This new product line includes concentrated Green Works General Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Neutral Floor Cleaner and Glass Cleaner. Each is designed to connect with an easy-to-use dilution and dispensing system that is simple to mount and operate in a janitor closet.

Layne Bowen, sales and account manager for Redwood Building Maintenance, uses Green Works Concentrates exclusively for all of his accounts.

"Green Works cleans as powerfully as any chemical cleaner, at an affordable cost," says Bowen. "Being able to offer an effective, affordably priced, all-natural cleaner has helped set my business apart, and has helped me attract new customers."

But the benefits of using Green Works extend beyond his clients.

"The dispensing system is a standout feature," says Bowen. "It gives us better control over the dilution and distribution of the cleaning product, making the job easier for our employees, and more cost effective for me."

With the highest standards for human safety, no chemical "bad-actors" and no toxic by-products, Green Works Concentrates can benefit your business while driving employee satisfaction and compliance. The product line is recognized and certified by leading environmental organizations such as The Sierra Club, Design for the Environment (an Environmental Protection Agency partner), and Green Seal, which can help you earn points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

"Green cleaning — using cleaning products and methods that focus on natural ingredients — is in the best interests of businesses, tenants and cleaning professionals," said Beata Grabowski, director of marketing for Green Works Concentrates. "By using Green Works products, which use naturally derived ingredients, businesses can attract new customers and reap the rewards of having more satisfied tenants and employees, which contribute to a healthy bottom line."

Survey Says Green Cleaning is Best

A recent survey* showed that seven out of 10 consumers prefer to patronize a business that demonstrates a commitment to the environment. When it comes to cleaning, 68 percent of business owners would prefer for their business to be cleaned with green products, and 78 percent of office workers agree that, when possible, businesses should use green cleaners instead of conventional ones.

"Today''s business owners want green cleaning that''s also effective," added Grabowski. "And when it comes to powerful clean, the brands they trust are Green Works and Clorox."

The survey also showed:

  • 67% of office employees prefer their office to be cleaned with Green Works® products over conventional cleaners

  • 58% of business owners would feel better if their janitors/housekeepers were working with Green Works® products instead of conventional cleaners

  • 58% of cleaning professionals prefer to clean with Green Works® products over conventional cleaners.

Going green does work for the planet and for your business. By providing all-natural cleaning products for your employees, you improve their health, productivity, retention and morale. That translates into real financial savings over time.

Click here for your free trial of Green Works Concentrates.

A recent survey* showed that guests prefer hotels that care about environmental sustainability and practice green cleaning, as well. The survey reported that:

  • 70% consumers prefer to patronize businesses that demonstrate commitment to the environment

  • 84% of travelers agree that it would be better if hotels used green cleaners instead of harsh chemicals

  • 57% said they prefer to stay in a hotel that uses green cleaners over one that doesn''t

  • 71% of hotel guests would prefer to stay in a hotel cleaned with Green Works natural products

*Vatoca Partners Survey, February 2009.

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