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Show appreciation to your employees

September 19, 2010
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I have read — with great interest — numerous ideas to keep employees motivated.

The thoughts ranged from holiday bonuses to “they get nothing because I get nothing from them.”

A wide range of attitudes, to say the least.

To keep employees happy in their careers, we first must find happy people to employ.

I know that sounds overly simplistic, but look at the facts.

Happy people are more likely to stay happy and motivated, even in difficult situations.

If you are not actively seeking happy people, take a long look at your recruitment policies.

Make adjustments as necessary to include “happiness” in your search patterns.

Happiness in flight
If you have ever flown on Southwest Airlines, you have seen happy people in action.

Do you think Southwest is simply lucky to have all of this happiness?

No. They recruit, encourage and foster this character trait in all of their hires.

It is part of their interview process and it is also part of their employee evaluation strategy.

They actively promote this sense of “free-spirited” people to help them become the only profitable airline flying today.

This effort to recruit happiness is not lost on customers.

It actually attracts customers to this discount airline.

People love the funny, happy, motivated flight personnel they encounter on each and every flight.

I have only flown on Southwest Airlines a couple of times, but I remember the attentive, personal service I experienced.

It was a breath of fresh air to experience happiness after hundreds of other flights with the typical bad attitudes of most flight crews.

Bring customers to a happy place
Imagine your company being thought of as a “happy place” to do business.

Imagine it as a draw for new hires.

Also, imagine it as a place that everyone wants to be associated with.

All it takes is a slight tweak of your current employment practices.

And yes, I know it will be more difficult to accomplish, but the results are stimulating.

Beginning this strategy means we must change the way we think about employees.

Many companies pay lip service to the fact the human resource is the most important item to company growth, but fail to live up to that principle.

We must change our thinking and begin to embrace our employees as essential to our financial success.

Without them, we cannot multiply our cleaning efforts and grow the company.

If employees feel this lack of appreciation by the management staff, they may begin to feel disenchanted, unhappy, or worse, start to advertise their attitudes to other employees.

So, here is how it shakes out.

We must begin to have a deep, sincere appreciation for everyone we hire.

We must have a target employee to recruit, train, nurture and then help them pass on their skills and attitudes to others we have recruited.

This will trickle down into our workforce, and the shockwave of happiness will attract customers who are also attracted to positive, happy, motivated people.

Once you create this happy culture, you can focus on other important strategies to grow the company.

With happy employees, the human resources department can run more effectively and efficiently to produce the results you have always dreamed about.

Holiday bonuses are nice, but wouldn’t it be nicer if we could have that holiday spirit every day?

Dane Gregory is a business consultant with many years in the trenches of his own cleaning company. He currently is a full-time trainer on technical and management issues that affect cleaning companies worldwide. He also offers a business opportunity with stone, ceramic tile and grout care and maintenance. You can view this opportunity at, or contact him at

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