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September 19, 2010
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3M Building and Commercial Services Advanced Vapor Technologies Atlas Paper Mills
Aztec Products B&G Equipment Cadex Electronics Church & Dwight
CleanMaster Corporation CleanTelligent Software Core Products
Enviro-Solutions Foote-Mats JohnsonDiversey KleenRite Equipment
Pullman-Holt Reach Higher Ground Spartan Chemical Tucker Manufacturing
United States Pumice U.S. Products Wausau Paper Corporation Windsor Industries
3M Building and Commercial Services

Protection That Pays

Introducing the Scotchgard™ Hard Floor Protection Systems from 3M:

  • Scotchgard™ Classic Acrylic Floor Finishes
  • Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector
  • Scotchgard™ Ultra Durable Floor Finish System.

Developed by the scientists that created Scotchgard Protector Products, they are designed to meet the wide variety of your floor protection needs for your facility.

From high traffic to limited access and vinyl composite tile (VCT) to concrete, the Scotchgard™ Hard Floor Protection System provides superior appearance with less maintenance — and significant return on investment to stretch reduced budgets.

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Advanced Vapor Technologies

Green is ''hot'' — studies validate
green disinfection with steam vapor

Independent scientific tests conducted at Microbiotest Labs, VA, and Nelson Labs, UT, show that Advanced Vapor Technologies'' TANCS® Steam Vapor low-moisture system is a fast, chemical-free, water-based green method for destroying bacteria, mold and hard-to-kill pathogens in classrooms, restrooms, kitchens, hospitals, remediation sites and other environments.

"Those interested in green cleaning, health and the environment should review the data validating this new technology," says David Mudarri, former Senior Indoor Air Quality Scientist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "Treated steam vapor from tap water is the only ingredient."

The TANCS component uses the minerals found within tap water to form heat-energized nano crystals which accelerate the destruction of microorganisms. Tests consistently demonstrate that a few seconds of application provides effective surface disinfection.

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Atlas Paper Mills

Biodegradable, Recycled And 100 Percent Green Value

The new Green Heritage™ line of environmentally friendly, Green Seal® certified recycled tissue and towel products from Atlas Paper Mills offers customers a truly green value proposition to meet all of their needs without the premium price.

Together with Green Seal Inc., Atlas Paper Mills is committed to creating a more sustainable world through products that help safeguard the environment.

All Atlas Green Heritage™, Green Seal products are made from 100 percent recycled paper, are 100 percent chlorine-free, biodegradable and are made in the USA.

Atlas is a proud member of the following environmental organizations: The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC); Green Seal Inc.; the Healthy Schools Campaign; and the Green Hotels Association.

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Aztec Products Inc.

Reliable, Productive And Economical —
The Reliant Buffer

For brilliant results at amazing speed, discover the superior performance and productivity built into the design of the Aztec Reliant buffer.

The no-nonsense design of the Reliant propane burnisher was built with the contractor in mind.

From an offset body that allows easy access under racks and in corners, to the unique pad angle that eliminates side torque and dramatically increases head pressure, the economical Reliant buffer is a time and money saver.

Available in 21-, 24- and 27-inch models, the Reliant features a rugged steel construction and comes with a limited manufacturer''s warranty.

All of Aztec Product''s equipment is proudly manufactured in the U.S. and meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions standards.

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B&G Equipment Company

With B&G, You Are In Complete Control

The three-gallon Portable Aerosol System from B&G Equipment puts you in control of output type.

Simply select aerosol, choose fine to heavy mist and the compressor-driven system delivers aerosol disinfectants to all public areas and vehicles.

This easy-to-use unit is adjustable to save time and money by giving you a disinfectant spray from a heavy mist to a light fog. By treating the area with a fog-type spray, you can avoid any additional wiping down of the infected area.

Disinfect and sanitize more area in less time with the 15-foot recoiling hose that allows for a working area with a 30-foot circumference.

Additional features include:

  • A three-gallon stainless steel tank
  • Easy to use and clean features
  • An 18-inch stainless steel extension and tip
  • Application flexibility
  • A self-regulating compressor available 110 and 220

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Cadex Electronics Inc.

Instantly Check Deep-cycle Batteries

The CA-12 DC rapid battery tester from Cadex Electronics quickly reads reserve capacity and state of charge (SoC) of deep-cycle batteries.

The CA-12 DC accurately estimates deep-cycle battery health without taking floor cleaning machines out of service to discharge and recharge batteries.

Save time and money by eliminating only low-performing and shorted batteries rather than replacing entire sets.

Replace only bad batteries; regroup and reuse the good batteries.

The CA-12 DC allows you to print test results with an optional printer or export full reports to a PC or mobile device, and then e-mail them to clients.

This device also reads SOC and cold cranking amps (CCA) for vehicle starter batteries.

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Church & Dwight Company Inc.

The Science Of OxiClean — Powered By The Air We Breathe

More than 15 years ago, scientists came up with a way to harness the power of oxygen to clean better than ever before.

That breakthrough was OxiClean® — a versatile stain remover from Church & Dwight that started a cleaning sensation and virtually revolutionized the industry.

OxiClean is powered by the air we breathe and water we drink, so it uses natural reactions in the environment to fight stains. Plus, it''s biodegradable, which makes it environmentally sensible.

Today, there are several OxiClean products to fit your needs that all have one thing in common — oxygen.

While the OxiClean brand family has grown, the original versatile powder is as strong as ever and still tackles many different stains.

Use OxiClean on carpets, upholstery, concrete and as a laundry additive to harness the incredible cleaning power of all-natural oxygen!

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CleanMaster Corporation

Clean Multiple Surfaces With One Machine

CleanMaster''s Express Multi-Surface cleaning system blends carpet cleaning and hard floor scrubbing in one self-contained unit.

By using the proven method of rotary cleaning, and combining it with a water injection/vacuum extraction system, CleanMaster provides customers with superior cleaning.

The Express has earned the Silver Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it meets higher than average standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness.

This unique, one-pass cleaning system is 50 percent more productive at cleaning carpets than traditional methods.

The rotary head not only provides superior agitation, but also gives the Express power assist drive and steering for effortless cleaning by any person.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 1230
CleanTelligent Software Inc.

Increase Sales And Productivity With CleanTelligent

CleanTelligent is web-based customer service and quality management tracking software from CleanTelligent Software Inc.

With CleanTelligent, you can perform on-site inspections, track communication with your clients, create job schedules, manage work orders, measure performance, track trends, track employee time with barcode scanning, track inventory and much more.

Users of CleanTelligent have reported a 400 percent increase in sales, $48,000 saved in operating costs and a 60 percent increase in productivity.

Scott Murray of ISS Facility Services Inc. said, "Total revenues within our division have more than doubled in the past two years; we credit our success to CleanTelligent." For a free online demo call 801-375-0375 or visit

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Core Products Company, Inc.

Trust Core To Formulate For Our Future™

Core Products has been a trusted cleaning product manufacturer since 1976. From odor control and specialty spotters, which include the Unbelievable!® brands, to extraction detergents, preconditioners, defoamers, shampoos and green cleaning products, you can find a solution for the most demanding JanSan job at Core.

Core''s Hydroxi Pro® and Green Logic™ brands are safer alternatives to traditional cleaning methods, and these products are safer for the environment and promote health.

The Green Logic™ line includes: A degreaser; a glass and hard surface cleaner, both part of the Design for the Environment (DfE) program; a Green Seal®-approved, metal-free floor finish; a low-odor floor stripper; Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner; a non-toxic, biodegradable refresher; and an odor neutralizer.

Combine Green Logic™ with the diversity of Hydroxi Pro® low-toxicity products and you are on the way to a greener, more eco-friendly, janitorial maintenance program.

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Enviro-Solutions Ltd.

Making A Tough Job Easier And Greener

One of the toughest cleaning jobs around is maintaining floors in commercial food service and kitchen areas.

Now these areas can be cleaned not only more effectively but in a much more environmentally preferable manner as well.

Introducing ES 75 — the Green Seal- and EcoLogo-certified heavy-duty cleaner degreaser from Enviro-Solutions, the industry leader in green cleaning products.

This concentrated cleaner/degreaser has a moderate pH, making it safe for most surfaces.

Dilute by following instructions per cleaning needs, apply and then rinse clean.

ES 75 takes the chore out of floor care while protecting user and building occupant health and the environment.

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Foote-Mats Marketing LLC

Standing In Urine Is No Longer An Option

The Urinal or Commode Mat with Top Sheet from Foote-Mats provides a new standard of clean.

The fully washable mats come with two stay-put pegs and contain an antimicrobial coating to reduce bacteria.

The disposable refill sheet whisks away liquid to reduce unwanted odors and prevent tracking of unwanted contaminates. When the sheet is dirty just insert a new one, it‘s that easy.

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JohnsonDiversey Inc.

Improve Productivity, Reduce Waste And Minimize User Fatigue

The ProSpeedTM/MC and TrailBlazer™ systems from JohnsonDiversey provide an all-encompassing floor finish application system, which guarantees flawless, consistent results with minimal training.

The ProSpeed system, ideal for areas less than 2,000 square feet, is more than three times faster than the traditional mop and bucket system, covering more than 130 square feet per minute.

Likewise, the TrailBlazer system, ideal for larger areas, is nine times faster and covers more than 300 square feet per minute.

Ergonomically designed, both significantly reduce shoulder and upper and lower back impact when compared to traditional systems, while greatly reducing chemical and water waste.

The ProSpeed and TrailBlazer systems are ideal for use in healthcare, education and retail facilities.

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KleenRite Equipment

Position Wanted: Reducing Labor Costs On Large Jobs

Hello, I''m the new M.A.C. (Multi-surface Area Cleaner) from KleenRite Equipment.

With a self-propelled rotary head, I am skilled in gliding effortlessly while reducing labor costs and operator fatigue.

By utilizing five solution jets and five vacuum ports, I excel in cleaning all sides of the carpet fiber with 650 passes per minute, extracting soil and moisture simultaneously.

I work well with wand or upholstery tools and can be promoted to hard-surface cleaning with the optional kit.

My tough, durable body and stainless steel reinforced base is ideal for long-term employment and easy servicing.

Because I come from KleenRite Equipment, you can expect me to provide years of unrivaled service.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 4663
Pullman-Holt Corporation

Superior Durability With Easy Transportation

Pullman-Holt Corporation introduces their newest wet/dry vacuum model, the 45-20P.

The big brother to our popular 45-10P, this new vacuum is equipped with the same powerful two-horsepower motorhead used on the 45-10P, delivering 105 inches of water lift and 110 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow.

It''s low noise design allows the 45-20P to be used in sound-sensitive areas like schools and hospitals.

The 20-gallon tank includes a built-in handle and dolly system for superior durability and easy transport.

The 45-20P includes a full assortment of floor tools and an optional front mounted squeegee is available.

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Reach Higher Ground Inc.

Environmentally Preferable Window Cleaning

Reach Higher Ground is at the forefront of window cleaning technology with their complete line of mobile water purification systems.

The cleaning process used with these systems is safer and much more cost effective than cleaning windows traditionally with ladders and staging.

Labor times are cut, making the service more profitable, and with absolutely nothing used other than purified water to clean windows, it''s the greenest method available.

Stop by the booth and find out what all the talk is about.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 4057

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

A New Choice In Warewash Chemistry — SparClean

There a new choice in warewash products from the most trusted name in the JanSan industry.

SparClean from Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. is a full line of warewash products to tackle any warewash problems in commercial kitchens.

Clean with the safe and effective reputation of Spartan Chemical with these all-new product offerings.

Included in the SparClean line are:

  • 50 All Temperature Detergent
  • 51 Chlorinated Detergent
  • 52 High Temperature Rinse Aid
  • 53 Low Temperature Rinse Aid
  • SparCHLOR Chlorinated Detergent
  • (coming soon 54 Sanitizer)
  • 55 Delimer
  • 56 Pot and Pan Detergent
  • 57 Silverware Pre-soak

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 4030
Tucker Manufacturing Company Inc.

Reach, Wash And Clean

The Tucker® Pole WaterFed Window Washers and Exterior Maintenance Systems offer the tools to reach, wash and clean windows and exterior surfaces.

Tucker''s window washers reach up to 22, 45 and 83 feet for certain applications. Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® to learn more about this sustainable system that has helped in-house professionals, building service contractors and window cleaners for over 50 years.

From high-level window washing to water purification to increasing efficiency and safety in exterior maintenance, you can learn more about sustainability and green aspects in waterfed with the Tucker Pole.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 4258
United States Pumice Company

Pumie Power Works

Pumie® Toilet Bowl Ring Remover from United States Pumice Company is a professional product used to maintain commercial, industrial and institutional washroom facilities.

Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover cleans through gentle abrasive action and removes toilet rings in seconds.

Use Pumie to rid porcelain bowls of rust and lime buildup with ease.

  • Ready to use
  • Unbeatable for removing stubborn stains and unsightly rings from toilet bowls
  • Cleans when the strongest acid cleaners fail
  • Contains no active chemicals or harsh detergents
  • Forms to flat and curved surfaces
  • Safe for hands, children, pets and the environment.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 4350
U.S. Products

Accomplish More With Less

Today''s economy forces business owners to do more with less. The King Cobra 1200 PRO allows you to do just that.

One powerful machine professionally cleans carpets with adjustable pressure up to 500 pounds per square inch (PSI) and on-demand 212 degree Fahrenheit hot water and has the ability to restore hard surfaces like tile and grout with 1,200 PSI using the "One Pass" cleaning method.

Two sources of revenue all built into one durable, powerful portable extractor that not only carries Gold certification from the Seal of Approval program offered by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), but it is also backed by a quality warranty.

More revenue with less equipment, it just makes sense.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 1230
Wausau Paper Corporation

Come And See Why Green Has Never Looked Better

Wausau Paper''s Dubl-Nature® Green Seal-certified products offer superior quality with a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

Featuring consumer-like embossing patterns with exceptional brightness and absorbency, Dubl-Nature products are ideal for your most upscale facilities.

Dubl-Nature products are made from a superior grade of 100 percent recycled wastepaper and are processed chlorine-free and meet or exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for post-consumer waste.

Dubl-Nature products can help support your environmental purchasing programs while providing the highest quality of 100 percent recycled products for your customers.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 2235
Windsor Industries

More Productivity At The Same Cost

Windsor is pleased to introduce the new 20-inch Chariot iScrub — tested to be 50 percent more productive than the average 20-inch walk-behind scrubber at the same cost!

The 20-inch Chariot iScrub is designed with a patented swiveling squeegee with Aqua-Mizer technology that guarantees 100 percent water pickup — even in turns for dry, safe floors.

This incredible machine also offers remarkable maneuverability and 360-degree visibility with an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel.

For more information, or to request a quote on the new 20-inch Chariot iScrub, visit us online or stop by our booth at ISSA/INTERCLEAN®.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 639

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