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Worth Seeing at ISSA

September 19, 2010
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Featured Companies:
Advanced Vapor TechnologiesB&G EquipmentBetcoClean Care Systems
CleanMasterDri-EazIPC EagleKaivac
Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.TornadoTucker Manufacturing
U.S. ProductsWausau PaperR.E. Whittaker Company
Advanced Vapor Technologies

Green is ''hot'' — studies validate green disinfection with steam vapor

Independent scientific tests conducted at Microbiotest Labs, VA, and Nelson Labs, UT, show that Advanced Vapor Technologies’ TANCS® Steam Vapor low-moisture system is a fast, chemical-free, water-based green method for destroying bacteria, mold and hard-to-kill pathogens in classrooms, restrooms, kitchens, hospitals, remediation sites and other environments.

“Those interested in green cleaning, health and the environment should review the data validating this new technology,” says David Mudarri, former Senior Indoor Air Quality Scientist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “Treated steam vapor from tap water is the only ingredient.”

The TANCS component uses the minerals found within tap water to form heat-energized nano crystals which accelerate the destruction of microorganisms. Tests consistently demonstrate that a few seconds of application provides effective surface disinfection.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #124
B&G Equipment

Superior quality industrial sprayers and foggers

B&G Equipment offers industrial sprayers made with the highest quality materials for durability and indestructibility that maximize chemical resistance. These sprayers come standard with Viton® seals and gaskets, and pin-to-cone and fan spray tips. B&G sprayers are available in plastic and stainless steel in 1, 2, and 3 gallon.

The 2600 Flex-a-Lite Fogger offers variable flow from ULV to light mist and adjustable flow from 0-18 ounces per minute. It has a two stage motor and nozzle mounted on an 18-inch hose — 36-inch and 48-inch hoses are available.

The tank and dome have a five-year warranty — compared to the competition’s one-year warranty. The foggers come equipped with a large easy fill opening, no hinges to wear out, and the nozzle when mounted dispenses at a 45-degree angle. The nozzle can be easily removed for hand-held direction.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #852

Don''t just disinfect — OxyFECT™!

OxyFECT™ H and G are the only neutral peroxide disinfectant cleaners on the market. Products without a neutral pH can corrode sensitive surfaces. Only OxyFECT™ cleans and disinfects without damaging most surfaces — all with the power of peroxide.

OxyFECT™ H is ideal for hospital disinfection while OxyFECT™ G is perfect for general cleaning and disinfecting. Both formulations are strong enough to whiten tile and grout, yet gentle enough to brighten carpets and upholstery.

Leave rooms smelling fresh with OxyFECT''s pleasant mint fragrance. Deodorize, clean and disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces in one step with one product.

Simplify cleaning and increase cost savings, today. Don''t just disinfect — OxyFECT™!
Visit Betco at ISSA for more information about these powerful disinfectant cleaners.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #2037
Clean Care System

Changing the way
people use public restrooms

The Eyegiene self-cleaning toilet seat from Clean Care Systems eliminates germs, diseases, and bacteria from the seat with the wave of your hand.

Eyegiene saves money on wasted paper products and helps eliminate costly plumbing problems.

Create a clean and healthy environment while reducing the cost of maintaining restroom facilities with Eyegiene.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #2818

New look, new products,
a new CleanMaster

Among the corporate changes at HydraMaster headquarters is the reincarnation of a new and bolder CleanMaster — offering a new line of portable extractors with their new MAXX® Series line and maintaining their highly acclaimed products like the TreadMaster escalator cleaner, the Express® multi-surface cleaner, and the revolutionary CMX-20® rotary cleaner.

"We feel the new equipment will give us a greater spectrum of machines and will broaden our reach in the market place," says Darren Watts, director of sales for CleanMaster. "This is an exciting time for CleanMaster and we''re looking forward to a great resurgence."

Visit us at ISSA Booth #4158

Clean and dry in record time

The Studebaker AirPath™ from Dri-Eaz drives an aggressive 40 mph of directed airflow to get hard surface floors and carpets truly dry in minutes, not hours.

With a patented 360 degree design, the AirPath pulls drier air from above and blows it down and across the entire floor surface.

Place it in the center of a room to shorten your drying time and finish the job fast. Dry one area while the next one is being cleaned!

Visit for more information about the AirPath and the full line of Dri-Eaz portable environmental control equipment.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #4173
IPC Eagle

A true mobile cleaning workstation

The new G25 battery-operated, 20-inch automatic scrubber from IPC Eagle represents a new category for the cleaning industry.

The unique injection-molded design makes the G25 lightweight, easy to use, and the most cost-effective scrubber on the market.

Now, every facility can afford the performance and productivity that a 20-inch automatic scrubber can provide.

The G25 battery version comes equipped with an on-board charger, optional gel battery, and will clean up to 18,000 square feet per charge.

The G25 can be easily outfitted with work baskets and garbage containers to make it a true mobile cleaning workstation.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #2287

All-surface, all-purpose cleaning with one system

Making the most of your equipment investment is more important now than ever.

Fortunately, Kaivac’s patented multi-purpose No-Touch Cleaning® systems can tackle nearly every surface and space throughout your building.

Now you can deep clean restrooms, stairwells, kitchens, hallways and more, plus clean carpets with our CRI-approved extractor, and even dry vacuum hard surfaces and carpet with our new dry vac accessory.

And there’s more. So, stop by booth 2591 at ISSA to see these systems in action.

Even better, compare their performance firsthand with our scientific measurement technology.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #2591
Spartan Chemical Company

Reduce waste and cut costs with Spartan

The new Lite’n Foamy Dispenser from Spartan Chemical is the economical choice when the desire to wash your hands with luxurious foam soap is in order!

The newly designed and re-engineered bulk-fill, foaming hand soap dispenser is priced better than ever before and can be used with all of Spartan’s Lite’n Foamy hand, hair and body wash products.

It’s time to make the change. Switch to the bulk-fill feature Spartan’s Lite’n Foamy dispenser offers while you reduce waste and costs.

Stop tossing partially empty hand soap cartridges and money in the trash!

Visit us at ISSA Booth #1748

Clean nearly anything with variable psi

Whether you’re a certified carpet technician or a carpet cleaning specialist, you will appreciate the features of Tornado’s Marathon Carpetrinser line of professional grade portable carpet extractors designed for interim or deep restoration carpet cleaning.

Available in your choice of 100 psi without heat, 200 psi with heat, and 400 psi with perfect heat, you can clean everything from heavily soiled carpets to drapes and upholstery.

All models are lightweight with a low-center-of-gravity and include user-friendly waist-high controls.

With a durable, rotationally molded body and compact vertical design, these units are perfect for use by in-house cleaning crews, carpet technicians, contractors, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and much more!

Visit us at ISSA Booth #2059
Tucker Manufacturing Co. Inc.

A safe and cost effective solution

Use the Tucker® Pole window washing system to clean exterior windows and other exterior surfaces at a variety of facilities. The Tucker Manufacturing Co. Inc. introduced its original water-fed pole system over 50 years ago to reach and wash.

The system is used by institutional in-house professionals, building service contractors, and professional window cleaners for: Short-level work, mid-level work up to 45 feet — normally a one person operation — and high-rise work up to 25 meters. Incorporate the Tucker Pole, detergent options, “spot-free” water rinse, and a variety of special brushes and accessories for the highest quality results.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #1983
U.S. Products

Time to take Advantage

The new Advantage Series is a competitively priced line of cleaning equipment packed full of innovative features you would expect to find on a high quality U.S. Products portable carpet extractor.

By standardizing components and bodies, U.S. Products has streamlined the manufacturing time and resources it takes to manufacture an Advantage machine, in turn lowering production costs.

This cost reduction has been passed on so that you no longer have to compromise when purchasing a heated carpet extractor.

You can now have the quality and reliability that comes with the U.S. Products name, and together we can eliminate frustration and headaches.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #1948
Wausau Paper

Add a touch of elegance to your restroom

Wausau Paper is excited to announce the introduction of the Elegance Series™, a new line of restroom dispensers.

The Elegance Series™ line of dispensers feature a sophisticated, stainless finish that will cause even the most discriminating eye to take a second glance.

Targeted specifically for Class A office buildings, the Elegance Series™ line is ideal for those facilities that prefer the look of stainless steel, but could do without the fingerprints, smudges, dents, and the high price tag that typically comes with stainless steel.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #3415
R.E. Whittaker Company

Safe for you, safe for the carpet, safe for the environment

R.E. Whittaker Company’s SmartCare® Carpet System maintains carpet at a mere .0026 cents per square foot, using encapsulation chemistry that Whittaker pioneered to leave no sticky residues in the carpet.

Facilities with green standards welcome the use of the VOC-free Crystal Dry® Extra, which has been certified by Green Seal, WoolSafe and CRI.

Using only one gallon per 1,000 square feet, the LOMAC® machine’s low moisture method prevents mold and indoor air quality problems while avoiding fiber damage associated with dry agitation.

As a system recommended by leading carpet manufacturers, SmartCare® is proven effective and safe for the carpet.

Visit us at ISSA Booth #2889

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