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A New Level for Filtration Technology

September 19, 2010
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Previewed at ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America in October 2009, the new ProTeam Super HalfVac HEPA became available to order on March 1. In many ways, the innovative hipstyle follows in the same vein as the other vacuums in ProTeam''s full line up of high-performance commercial machines. By design, it works to clean for health and productivity, but the Super HalfVac HEPA now takes those concepts up a level.

Over 22 years ago, ProTeam innovated the lightweight backpack vacuum, and took the jan/san industry by storm. ProTeam backpacks revolutionized the time/efficiency equation in commercial cleaning. Studies show that they allow workers to clean up to 10,000 square feet in an hour, shaving 2.5 hours off the time the same area would take with a comparable commercial upright, and saving thousands of dollars in associated costs. The compact design also features an ergonomic harness system modeled from mountaineering backpacks, so weight is evenly distributed and workers experience fewer repetitive stress injuries.

From the outset, the ProTeam backpack vacuum included another exclusive innovation that made it standout: Four Level® Filtration. A high-powered motor creates advanced suction to extract particles from carpets, floors and air, and then pass through a four-step process. First, dust and other microscopic pollutants encounter the Intercept Micro® Filter, then a micro cloth filter, a dome filter and an exhaust filter. Studies have shown that in five passes, the ProTeam backpack is 43 percent more efficient than a commercial upright at removing soil. Every ProTeam vacuum now includes Four Level Filtration, which filters 99.9 percent of particulates down to 1 micron in size.

Every vacuum, that is, but the new Super HalfVac HEPA, which features a revolutionary step up in filtration technology: Five Level Filtration. The new filtration system, exclusive to ProTeam, includes an additional HEPA filtration system behind the motor, capturing carbon dust and essentially providing a fine tooth comb on the filtered air that has already passed through the trials of the first three levels. Air then passes through the middle HEPA cartridge and back through the other two before it exits the machine. The Super HalfVac HEPA filters out 99.97 percent of particles down to 0.3 microns in size—including dust mites, heavy industrial dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, yeast, bacteria, tobacco smoke and carbon dust.

Improved indoor air quality isn''t the only benefit of the new hipstyle. The Super HalfVac HEPA weighs less than 10 pounds for a sleek, compact design that comfortably fits cleaning staff of any size. A worker can choose to use the hipstyle with or without shoulder straps, allowing the user to decide the most comfortable wearing position to fit their needs.

The side-to-side cleaning motion enabled by the Super HalfVac HEPA—as with all other ProTeam backpacks and hipstyles—has been proven to eliminate stress and body fatigue by utilizing larger muscle groups. Detail work becomes a snap with an extendable wand to reach difficult areas.

In the same line as all ProTeam vacuums, the Super HalfVac HEPA is built to last for years. The durability of ProTeam vacuums make a measurable difference on the environment and your long-term bottom line. With less moving parts to replace and a longer machine life, less waste goes into growing landfills and more money stays in your company. Add in the cost savings from improved productivity and parts that last for years, and the Super HalfVac HEPA becomes more than an innovative tool in your cleaning arsenal. It becomes a smart investment.

The Super HalfVac HEPA makes an excellent entry point into wearing backpacks for workers of all body types and sizes. Ideal for commercial offices, education facilities, healthcare centers, retail spaces and contract cleaning, the Super HalfVac HEPA takes efficiency and productivity to whole new level.

The Super HalfVac HEPA represents the first in a new line of advancements from ProTeam. It''s now available to order or demo. Contact your local sales rep or distributor for details, or visit

Jacalyn High is the marketing manager of ProTeam, the leading manufacturer of backpack vacuums.

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