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Enviro-Solutions release 2.1

February 01, 2011
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February Designated "National Care About Your Indoor Air Month"
Company to Partner With Key Distributors to Promote Awareness of IAQ Issues
Peterborough, ON - Since the early 1970s, when "sick building syndrome" first became a problem, most Americans have become increasingly aware of the dangers of poor indoor air quality (IAQ).
However, poor IAQ, although improved over the years, is still a problem in millions of homes, schools, medical facilities, and offices throughout North America. (See sidebar, Did You Know?)
Because of this, Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of proven-Green cleaning products, and several of its distributors in the United States and Canada have partnered to honor National Care About Your Indoor Air Month, which is February 2011.
The goal is to raise awareness about this important issue and encourage their end-customers to take steps to protect indoor air and health.
Among the ways the group plans to raise awareness include:
· Publishing and distributing a special e-newsletter in February 2011 with information specific to IAQ
· Providing links on their respective company Web sites discussing indoor air quality issues
· Presenting a specially prepared training video on IAQ issues by Mark Warner, head of training and education at Enviro-Solutions
"One of the main reasons IAQ problems have subsided in recent years is the more extensive use of proven-Green cleaning products," says Mike Sawchuk, vice president of Enviro-Solutions.
"However, far too many building occupants, especially children, still suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems as a result of poor indoor air."
Sawchuk adds that this is the first time his company and several of its leading distributors have teamed up to address a specific cause.
"This (IAQ) is just too important an issue to ignore and everyone knows the professional cleaning industry can do much to help eradicate this problem," he says. "My hope is that a lot of good comes out of this project."
Further information on IAQ issues is available by visiting the Enviro-Solutions Resource Center at :
Sidebar: Tip Sheet
Did You Know?
· The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still lists poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental risks in the United States.
· Indoor air pollutants fall into two categories: particulate matter, such as dust and pollen, and gaseous pollutants, such as tobacco smoke and vehicle exhaust.
· On average, adults take 900 breaths per hour or about 21,000 breaths per day.
· Poor indoor air quality is often blamed for a lack of concentration in schoolchildren.
· Asthma, which can be triggered by poor IAQ, accounts for an estimated three million lost work days for adults and more than 10 million lost school days for children.
· Asthma costs our country about $16 billion annually.
· It is estimated that approximately 160 million Americans breathe unhealthy air during the course of the day, with children and seniors at greatest risk.
About Enviro-Solutions
Enviro-Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Proven Green, environmentally preferable cleaning products. An ISO-9001 certified company, Enviro-Solutions was established in 1994 with very focused goals: To develop and market a superior line of environmentally preferable cleaning products and solutions. Using advanced technology, the company manufactures products that offer proven safety, health, and environment benefits without sacrificing product performance and are competitively in price.
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