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September 12, 2011
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Advanced Vapor Technologies LLC Chase Products Company CleanTelligent Software Dial Professional, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.
Dynamic Research Company Inc. Electrolux Home Care Products Inc. Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Geerpres Inc.
IPC Eagle Corporation Merfin Systems Inc. Multi-Clean Products Procter & Gamble Professional
ProTeam Inc. Spartan Chemical Company Inc. Square Scrub Inc. Thornell Corporation
Tucker Manufacturing Co Inc. United States Pumice Company Cleaning Management Institute
Advanced Vapor Technologies LLC

Study Validates Steam Vapor With TANCS

A peer-reviewed study, "Reduction in the microbial load on high-touch surfaces in hospital rooms by treatment with a portable saturated steam vapor disinfection system," concluded that steam vapor units equipped with Advanced Vapor''s Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS) "reduced bacterial levels by more than 90 percent and reduced pathogen levels on most surfaces to below the detection limit" within only a few seconds of treatment.

The study was carried out in eight occupied rooms of a long-term care wing of a hospital and the report was published online by the American Journal of Infection Control.

Six surfaces per room were swabbed before and after steam treatment and analyzed for various contaminants.

Researchers reported that "the steam vapor device consistently reduced total microbial and pathogen loads on hospital surfaces, to below detection in most instances."

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Chase Products Company

Five New Fragrances Are Available

Five new fragrances — Juicy Green Apple, Hazelnut Coffee, Hawaiian Island, Lemon Lime and Cotton Fresh — have been added to the SprayScents® metered air freshener line, bringing the total number of scents to 29.

Each 7-ounce aerosol contains the malodor eliminator Ordenone, deodorizes up to 6,000 cubic feet, lasts for 30 days when set to spray at 15-minute intervals and has a universal tip.

The low-acetone formulas are safe for plastic surfaces.

SprayScents metered dispensers range from the basic 1000 model, preset at a 15-minute interval; the 2000, with a light sensor and 5-minute, 15-minute or 30-minute interval settings; to the 3000, with a spray counter and programmable daily start/stop times.

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CleanTelligent Software

The Leading Software For Cleaning Inspections

CleanTelligent Software is the web-based solution for any service provider.

With CleanTelligent, service providers can schedule jobs, track communication, perform on-site inspections, show completion of deficiencies, track trends and so much more.

CleanTelligent recently announced customer relationship management (CRM) and bidding and estimating capabilities to its already impressive suite of functionality.

Users of CleanTelligent have reported a 400 percent increase in sales, $48,000 saved in operating costs and a 60 percent increase in productivity.

Victor Carrasquillo of Service Management Group (SMG) said, "SMG credits their success of winning a $6.2 million contract to excellent service, a professional team and their use of CleanTelligent."

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Dial Professional, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.

Mount Freshness Anywhere

Leave a long-lasting impression with Renuzit® Super Odor Killer® Adjustables air freshener from Henkel.

Now, this product comes with the convenience of mounting in a wall bracket.

This new bracket is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has no propellants, is non-electric and requires no batteries.

Post Renuzit Super Odor Killer Adjustables air freshener anywhere and have your guests enjoy the fragrance provided by the #1 brand of non-electric air freshener in the U.S.* — Renuzit.

*IRI Scan Data FDM+WM 52wks ending 9/5/10.

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Dynamic Research Company Inc.

Super Clean And Green

Dynamic QUICK multi-surface cleaner/degreaser is an effective, powerful granular product to clean the tough jobs.

QUICK offers superior performance for cleaning tile, grout, concrete and all types of surfaces.

QUICK is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency''s (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) program and is authorized as A1 by NSF International for use on all food contact surfaces.

Users of QUICK report better or equal cleaning and some have saved over 38 percent in their cleaning chemical costs.

QUICK is easy to use and may be applied by various application methods, either manually or with automated equipment.

While you''re at the 2011 ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America trade show, stop by booth 867 for a free evaluation sample.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 867
Electrolux Home Care Products Inc.

Increased Quality And Reduced Cost Of Ownership

Sanitaire by Electrolux vacuums eliminate the "hidden operating costs" that come with other commercial cleaners.

Every minute of downtime goes directly to customers'' bottom line. The motor on the traditional SC684, SC886 and SC899 cleaners last twice as long as most competitors, cleaning for more than 2,000 hours.

Some Quiet Clean® models feature washable filters, leading to three years without having to buy new filters, for substantial cost savings.

The Quiet Clean bagless options eliminate the need for disposable dust bags; customers can save up to $100 per year for every cleaner they operate — based on an average of two bag changes per week.

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Enviro-Solutions Ltd.

Encapsulation For Hard And Soft Floors

Enviro-Solutions has just introduced an encapsulation cleaner, ES93+, that has been recognized as safer for people and the environment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency''s (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) program as well as earning the Seal of Approval (SOA) from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

Along with cleaning and spotting for carpets, ES93+ can be used to clean grout and tile floors, which can be difficult to clean.

ES93+ breaks down soils to become a fine powder that is then easily removed with regular vacuuming or mopping.

Carpets come out clean and healthy, leaving no residue, which helps resist resoiling.

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Geerpres Inc.

A High-capacity Compact Cart

Geerpres introduces a new high-capacity powder-coated cart that blends stainless steel, which is ideal for sensitive areas like the operating room with the convenience and value associated with modular plastic carts.

The high-capacity cart (HCC), which has 8.4 cubic feet of storage, features a powder-coated finish and a unique center divided cabinet that includes separate locking and non-locking compartments, which allows for easy access while maximizing storage space.

Also included are five-inch double bearing swivel casters for superior maneuverability and front roller bumpers to protect walls, equipment and furnishings.

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IPC Eagle Corporation

Professional Performance In Just the Right Size

The new CT30 18-inch, eight-gallon battery-operated automatic scrubber from IPC Eagle is the newest member to the company''s mini-scrubber series.

The CT30 is built on the same design platform as the market leading CT15 14-inch, four-gallon scrubber — now available in cord electric.

The CT30 and CT15 are compact and designed with an adjustable handle to clean under tables and just about anywhere else.

These machines bring professional scrubbing performance and productivity to smaller areas as well as smaller cleaning budgets.

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Merfin Systems Inc.

Improve Hygiene And Reduce Cross-contamination

Merfin Systems, a leading provider of towel and tissue solutions, is proud to introduce the new automatic touchless dispenser.

Merfin''s new 1245 automatic touchless dispenser improves hygiene and reduces risks of cross-contamination.

This dispenser has adjustable modes for paper saving, time delay and sheet length; it is easy to load; and it has the longest battery life in the industry — up to 72,000 hand dries.

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Multi-Clean Products

The Most Flexible Dispensing System

The Multi-Task System is the only system in the cleaning industry that offers the flexibility to dispense high-performance concentrates six different ways.

As such, customers can select the best combination of dispensing options to fit their unique needs.

The secret is in the patented Multi-Task package, which allows it to be used as a standalone squeeze-and-pour or in any number of either portable or wall-mount dispensers.

The system includes products that are certified by Green Seal Inc. and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency''s (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE).

Multi-Clean brand products are sold nationwide through a network of locally authorized distributors.

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Procter & Gamble Professional

A Completely Unique Lineup

Procter & Gamble Professional offers a unique and complete lineup of floor care solutions with the P&G Pro Line® floor care system, featuring a low-odor floor finish stripper, a complete line of floor finishes and neutral-impact cleaners — all formulated to work together to deliver a "brilliant shine that stands the test of time."

A customized approach designed to meet a customer''s unique needs, the P&G Pro Line floor care system delivers unsurpassed long-lasting shine, extending the time between scrub and recoats, saving money and labor.

P&G Pro Line also features a floor finish and cleaner certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency''s (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) program. Visit Procter & Gamble Professional online to learn more.

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ProTeam Inc.

Triple Threat Cleaning Alliance

ProTeam, the company internationally recognized for innovative vacuum technology, showcases the "triple threat," a complete package that unites the Super CoachVac HEPA or Super QuarterVac HEPA with a telescoping wand and multi-purpose Xover floor tool.

Large rooms and high soil levels won''t deter the most powerful backpack vacuum on the market – the Super CoachVac HEPA.

The Super QuarterVac HEPA has the same suction power, but weighs only 10 pounds.

Both vacuums feature high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and Four Level Filtration that captures 99.97 percent of indoor pollutants 0.3 microns and larger.

A 42-inch to 59-inch telescoping wand adjusts for the comfort of any user, and the Xover floor tool is 44 percent more effective with every swipe.

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Spartan Chemical Company Inc.

New Laundry Products Released

Spartan Chemical Company announces three new Environmentally Preferred laundry products: Clothesline Fresh Detergent EP 18, Clothesline Fresh Softener EP 19 and Clothesline Fresh Oxygen Bleach 20.

Spartan also added the Design for the Environment (DfE) label to Clothesline Fresh Color Safe Bleach 5 and Clothesline Fresh No Dye-No Fragrance Laundry Detergent 13.

The DfE label means the products were formulated in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency''s (EPA) DfE program.

Clothesline Fresh Laundry can be used by anyone who desires quality, environmentally preferable laundry products that excel in most types of water conditions.

Clothesline Fresh Laundry contains new surfactant technology and biodegradable water softeners not found in other formulations.

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Square Scrub Inc.

It''s Hip To Scrub Square

While the Square Scrub EBG-28 surface preparation machine''s 14-inch by 28-inch pad can cover large spaces quickly, and the ultra quiet EBG-20/Q is the perfect solution for hospital and nursing home settings, the EBG-20/C provides maximum versatility.

Equipped with a 3,450 revolution per minute (RPM) motor operating at 73 decibels, removable weights and 14-inch by 20-inch pad size, the EBG-20/C offers the best of both worlds.

Combined with over 30 surface preparation options to suit almost any project, Square Scrub is always the best tool for the job.

Square Scrub is American made with a passion for durability and quality and embodies efficiency, productivity and versatility.

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Thornell Corporation

Combat Odors With New Fresh Scent

Odorcide is now available in a new "Fresh Scent" for eliminating offensive odors of all kinds.

Just like the "Original" formula, this new non-enzymatic product works instantly with no dwell time and is not affected by detergents and disinfectants.

Apply to reach the odor source and the odor is gone.

All Thornell products use a unique proprietary formula that permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact.

Ask your local distributor for the one that works — the new Odorcide Fresh Scent.

For more detailed information or to request a sample visit Thornell''s Odorcide brand online.

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Tucker Manufacturing Co Inc.

Tucker It — Reach, Wash And Clean

The Tucker® Pole window washers and exterior maintenance systems offer the tools to reach, wash and clean glass, frames and exterior surfaces.

Tucker''s window washers reach up to 22, 45 and 83 feet for certain applications.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® to learn more about this sustainable system that has helped in-house professionals, building service contractors and window cleaners throughout North America and many parts of the world.

The Tucker Pole utilizes water purification for spot-free applications, detergent dispensers that assist with certain jobs and an array of various accessories to reach over window ledges and different brushes for specialty jobs.

Contact Tucker to learn more about the sustainable aspects of the waterfed Tucker Pole.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 3318
United States Pumice Company

The Economical Way To Clean Hard-to-reach Places

The Pumie® FLEXI-SCOUR™ is a new product from the tried-and-true line of pumice products from United States Pumice Company.

FLEXI-SCOUR is a highly abrasive scouring screen that gets into those hard-to-reach-places other scouring tools can''t fit.

FLEXI-SCOUR offers a simple way to clean that requires no harsh chemicals.

Requires less space, produces less waste, is chemical free and environmentally friendly — FLEXI-SCOUR cleans those tight spaces on a tight budget.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 2499
Cleaning Management Institute

Carl Reeder Is The Floorman

Following the popularity of the Cleaning Management Institute''s (CMI) Chemical Safety Training Video, it was decided that one is never enough.

The popular custodian extraordinaire Carl Reeder is back to put a hilariously educational spin on hard floor care in the Basic and Advanced Hard Floor Care Training Video.

This new, two-part training video is not only a great complement to the hard floor care chapters in the Basic and Advanced Custodial Technician Training handbooks, but also functions as a stand-alone training digital video disk (DVD) on the various tools, equipment and techniques needed to properly clean and maintain hard floors.

Contact CMI today to learn about the discounted package deal that includes both the Basic and Advanced Hard Floor Care Training Video along with the Chemical Safety Training Video. Stop by booth 3844 at ISSA to pick up your copy.

Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth 3844

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