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September 21, 2011
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Powr-Flite Troubleshooter: The Art of Museum Floor Care

Fort Worth, TX – Hard surface floor care in art and similar museums can be a real challenge and for one very special reason: more than 850 million people visit U.S. museums every year.*

With that level of foot traffic, a floor care program that may suffice in an office building or school simply will not work in a busy facility like a museum.

The following Powr-Flite Troubleshooter identifies some specific challenges cleaning professionals may encounter when maintaining floors in museums or similar facilities:

· Quickly fading shine: This can be caused by refinishing the floor at the wrong time of year. Climate conditions – too cold, hot, humid, or dry – can affect the finish, the floor, and how well the finish dries and “hardens.”

· Slowly fading shine: Each time the floor is burnished, it slowly removes floor finish and as it does, the shine may fade. Adding depth to the floor with several layers of finish can help delay the slowly fading shine.

· Heal marks: Although buffing and burnishing will help remove heal marks, one of the surest ways to prevent heal marks is by applying at least four medium to thin sized coats of finish. This helps resist soiling overall and provide significant heal mark resistance.

· Grit, sand, and soil found throughout the museum: This is usually the result of two things: inadequate matting and/or infrequent dust mopping. Twenty to 30 feet of entry matting may be necessary to catch and hold contaminants from being walked in to the museum. Increased dust mopping frequencies will also minimize the buildup.

“Also, when applying coats of finish, cleaning professionals often ask how to tell when the finish is dry so another coat can be applied,” says Huong Pham, product manager for Powr-Flite. “One way is to place a piece of tissue on the floor, step on it and twist it under your foot. If it does not tear, it is usually okay to apply another coat.”

* American Association of Museums

The following Powr-Flite Troubleshooter addresses some of the most common floor care problems cleaning professionals encounter … and, most importantly, how to tackle them.

About Powr-Flite
Established more than 40 years ago, Powr-Flite manufactures a full line of floor-care equipment and carpet extractors for the professional cleaning industry. Based in Fort Worth, TX, the company has over 20 patented designs and its products are recognized throughout the world for their innovation, durability, quality and performance. Their products are marketed directly to end-use customers as well as through distributors throughout the North America, Europe and the Far East.

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