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Eliminate Hidden Vacuum Maintenance Costs

Sanitaire Floor Care Tip of the Month

September 21, 2011
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Sanitaire Tip of the Month

Whether it's motors lasting 2,500 hours or a bagless unit that saves $100 a year*, today's tight janitorial budgets require vacuums that are efficient and effective 100 percent of the time. That's why Sanitaire is committed to increased product quality and reduced cost of ownership for every product bearing its long-respected logo.

Sanitaire will showcase a variety of powerful, deep-cleaning vacuums that reduce maintenance costs over the lifetime of the product, resulting in a lower cost of ownership, at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® in Las Vegas at Booth 2046. The company will demonstrate how durable Sanitaire vacuums eliminate many of the routine operating costs that come with other commercial cleaners, saving Sanitaire customers money and hassle.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Sanitaire knows that in the demanding, high-paced commercial cleaning industry, a vacuum's value isn't measured by price tag alone, but also by its long-term durability and performance when used consistently for several hours at a time. The company's solidly-constructed polycarbonate bases ensure that Sanitaire products last longer so customers don't have to replace their vacuums as often.

Sanitaire units are engineered to be dependable over time, so customers can rely on an elite fleet of models to perform day after day without worry, instead of investing money and storage space in additional, unnecessary vacuums for "just in case" moments when another brand may fail and need to be serviced or taken out of commission.

Nearly every Sanitaire model offers replaceable brushroll strips and quick-changes of bags, filters, belts and cords with few or no tools so users can easily manage maintenance themselves and get back to cleaning – instead of halting work and wasting time and money on repair services. In addition, Sanitaire Quick Kleen® uprights feature a removable fan chamber that offers quick cleaning access of the impeller fan.

Sanitaire's tested-and-true durability is exemplified by the company's traditional cleaners, which feature a reengineered 7-amp motor that can clean for more than 2,500 hours. To further reduce cleaning costs, Sanitaire's traditional bagless designs eliminate the cost of replacement bags, while traditional shakeout options provide both cost and time savings with an extra-large eighteen dry quart dust bag capacity.

Sanitaire also offers durable designs and easy maintenance in the ultra-quiet, high-performance Sanitaire Quiet Clean® line. Quiet Clean vacuums provide savings for customers looking to reduce accessory costs. The line offers washable sealed HEPA filters that can be rinsed and reused for three full years, delivering substantial cost savings while still providing superior cleaning and filtration. In addition, Quiet Clean bagless options eliminate the need for disposable dust bags, providing savings right to customers'' bottom lines. In fact, Sanitaire''s bagless uprights can save customers up to $100 per year for every cleaner they operate, based on an average of two bag changes per week.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Sanitaire knows that true deep-cleaning performance stretches above floors to capture the dust, allergens and other harmful contaminants that are kicked up daily into the air we breathe. Why? Because a thorough, deep clean for the floor and the air means happier building tenants, more effective workers and more time and money saved.

Poor indoor air quality can make custodians and building tenants physically sick and as a result, less productive. Sanitaire''s Quiet Clean vacuums help improve indoor air quality with deep-cleaning suction to remove dust from the floors and unsurpassed filtration to permanently trap harmful contaminants in the air.

Sanitaire Quiet Clean line Irritated eyes, ears, nose and throat caused by poor indoor air quality is called "sick building syndrome" (SBS). According to the World Health Organization, current studies show that SBS decreases workers'' productivity on average by 14 percent. In addition, an article from the Oct. 2010 issue of Sanitary Maintenance notes that absenteeism due to asthma and allergies decreased to 0.49 days in "greener" buildings, as opposed to the average 1.12 days employees were absent for the same reasons from conventional buildings.

Sanitaire's Quiet Clean cleaners are designed to pick up microscopic harmful contaminants lurking in the air and on the floors – maximizing the effort Sanitaire customers put into creating a completely clean space. The Sanitaire Quiet Clean line offers a variety of cleaners with superior HEPA filtration that capture and remove 99.97 percent of microscopic particles such as dust, dander and mold down to 0.3 microns. Some Sanitaire Quiet Clean models feature a premium sealed HEPA filtration system, which is completely sealed to prevent collected contaminates from escaping back into the air through gaps in the casing. Sanitaire Quiet Clean models carry the CRI Seal of Approval and meet LEED requirements.

For more information on the wide range of high-quality Sanitaire vacuums that provide lower ownership costs, visit or call 1-800-800-8975.

* based on an average of two bag changes per week

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