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Technology — The Solution to Winning New Business

October 07, 2011
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How to Perform an Effective Sales Call

1. Establish a Connection

Establishing a connection from the very start is vital to grow and foster new relationships. Everyone has their own style of how they introduce themselves — some sort of "Hello". You must remember that the first 60 words out of your mouth are more important than the next 600.

2. State "Who" You Are in Twelve Words or Less

Knowing who you are allows you to be more effective and offer what you do best. The initial contact with a prospect should be short, carried out with confidence, and in the best situation make a connection. Try to introduce who you are in twelve words or less. It can be tricky at first, but a well thought out statement will be more powerful and establish an effective rapport with your prospect.

3. Stake a Claim on Your Position — "What" You Do

Make sure your entire message correlates with other messages to build strategic positioning. If you do not have a solid claim on the position you hold in your industry someone else will — so state your position and repeat it often. Knowing your position makes you more effective and allows you to focus on what you do best. If you can understand positioning, you will succeed.

4. Focus on Your Prospect

You have features, advantages and benefits to what you are selling. Focus first on the benefits and those that specifically relate to them. The benefit you are offering the prospect should meet one or more of these needs: pain relief, preservation, pleasure, prestige, and/or profit.

5. Discover Your Prospect''s Needs

Listen to what the prospect says in terms of things they want or need. Ask open ended questions that provide the prospect the opportunity to think, draw a conclusion, and verbalize what they''ve concluded. Ask questions to find out what is happening now for your prospect and see if you can align your products or services to help them get to where they want to go.

6. Present the Solution

The solution you present to your prospect is what is going to make their life easier, help them grow, save them money, and/or make them more profitable. Now, relate your services in terms of features, what advantages those features offer the prospect, and the benefits that the prospect can receive from your product or services. Remember to reassure the prospect with the processes they already like about their products or services when you present your solution. Help them see that they are not losing anything, but getting more of what they need.

How Technology Fits In

Technology used in the cleaning industry provides cleaning contractors two main advantages — innovative technology to improve productivity and the ability to give more personal attention to their customers. With the continued increase in mobile solutions cleaning contractors now have access to data anywhere, anytime. The truth is you really can''t compete without technology.

Here are some examples of how technology can be the solution to your clients or prospects needs.

Example #1

Need: Cleaner Building

Solution: Routinely perform quality control inspections using mobile devices.

Example #2

Need: Communication Issues

Solution: Use a web-based client portal to simplify communication and easily documents and escalates communication.

Example #3

Need: Special Service Not Being Performed

Solution: Set up all services outlined in the contract in job scheduling that can be viewed online

Example #4

Need: Constantly Complaining about Quality

Solution: Tracking performance with a continuous improvement program to catch repeated complaints before they can become a problem.

Here is the Proof

Many companies are using technology to stay ahead. Here are some of their success stories:

Retain Contracts

"CleanTelligent was instrumental in our award of a $1.4 million dollar contract with a regional financial institution. When our contract came up for renewal, they opened the bidding to other contractors. The clients wanted to see which contractor could offer something to distinguish itself from the others. We showed them CleanTelligent and that got their attention. They had never seen anything like it before. After seeing what CleanTelligent could do for them, they chose to stay on with us."

— Rich Reagan CBSE, Vice President and General Manager, Janitorial Division for FMI Services Group

"CleanTelligent helped us retain the cleaning contract for the largest facility in Buffalo, New York. This 37 floor, 850,000 square foot building, was looking for a company that was innovative, differentiated itself from others and had the business model in place for continued improvement. CleanTelligent has allowed us to meet these expectations and set up apart from all other companies in the Buffalo area."

— Daniel Hyman, HR Manager, Held''s Janitorial Services

Win Contracts

Service Management Group won a $6.2 million contract. "We have been using CleanTelligent for a little over four years. Each time we introduce CleanTelligent in our bid presentations, clients are immediately impressed. So far, eight out of the last eight presentations has resulted in new business. We attribute much of this success to CleanTelligent."

— Victor Carrasquillo, Vice President of Operations, Service Management Group

Cavalier Services won a 5 million square foot facility with new software. "The client was looking for a company that was ''doing things differently''. They wanted a tool that would provide them with information about their tenants. CleanTelligent''s reporting system made it possible for them to obtain that information. The client was amazed with Cavalier''s combination of CleanTelligent and other leading edge systems. In the end, Cavalier won the contract."


Improve Productivity

"We are able to schedule all work projects in CleanTelligent for over 150 grocery store locations. This turned a messy job into an easy click of a button. Scheduling helps us to stay completely organized as we track our process and improve."

— George Brodnicki, VP - Domestic Sales, Brulin & Company

"With CleanTelligent, we get more accomplished. Since implementing CleanTelligent, we have seen an increase in employee productivity, and management time is more focused."

— Marsha Berry, Vice President, Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

CleanTelligent has proven to help companies unleash the power of productivity and get results. To learn more visit or call 1-801-375-0375 to schedule a free demo.

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