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The Revolution Is In The Bag

March 07, 2012
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Being environmentally responsible is no longer an option.

Building users want to know that the place in which they work each day has less of an impact on the surrounding environment than it did in years past.

As the years go by, it is becoming more and more obvious that what we put into buildings can come back to haunt us, in a sense.

Companies, too, must realize that the things they produce have an impact.

The production of nearly everything results in byproducts, many of which can simply add to the problem of causing more harm than good to the environment.

One company, however, has found a way to repurpose their waste and create an environmentally friendly product that can be used nearly anywhere.

A Revolutionary Product

According to the company, Revolution Bag is the first to provide a complete offering of trashcan liners that are compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that don''t cost more and perform just as well as bags produced with virgin resin.

Revolution Bag grew out of a realization that there was a way to repurpose waste and leftover materials that were a natural part of business for Delta Plastics.

Delta Plastics has developed a product that is a low-cost, easy-to-use poly tube that is sold into the agricultural markets for crop irrigation.

The product they produce has a single season lifecycle, so it must be removed from the field annually.

The tubing, once removed, is put through a patented cleaning and production process, turning it back in to its original resin form.

As an EPA-compliant product, every bag meets the standard requirement of 10 percent post consumer resin, while some of the bags contain up to 100 percent post consumer resin.

Certifiably Sustainable

In a time when practically every company is making some type of green or eco-friendly claim, Revolution Bag can back up their promises of sustainability with the first complete line of EPA-compliant trashcan liners.

Revolution Bag has also received Scientific Certification System (SCS) certification on every stock bag they produce.

The certification gives Revolution Bag a third-party validation for their customers that every claim they make about their bags is in fact true and has been tested.

Revolution Bags also count towards certification points for the U.S. Green Building Council''s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

A Different Kind Of Green

Revolution Bag might, at the first glance, sound like it could get lost in the shuffle of the multitude of green products that the market boasts these days.

But, Revolution Bag believes they are different from similar products for four reasons:

  1. Revolution Bags are comparable in thickness to similar quality virgin linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) bags. While the majority of EPA-compliant bags have to use much more resin to achieve necessary strength, Revolution Bag products can compete with a typical virgin resin quality.
  2. Having the Revolution Bag resin supply come directly from parent company Delta Plastics allows for the company to guarantee the quality and material composition.
  3. While most post consumer resin bags are dark in color or black, Revolution Bag is able to offer a more natural look with contact clarity for applications were it is necessary to view the contents.
  4. The entire line of Revolution Bag products is SCS-certified. SCS was chosen as a credible source to validate their claims, not only on the resin, but on the bag itself.
Doing Their Part

In an age where sustainability and green products are the rule and not the exception, a product that is certifiably sustainable is a must have.

The target audiences for Revolution Bag products are full-service janitorial supply houses that sell to schools, class-A office buildings, hospitals and government agencies.

Revolution Bag recognizes that there are multiple levels of commitment to a green workplace, and although the products they offer can only fill a very specific void in the sustainability game, they are beneficial to all in making a responsible choice for source reduction and energy conservation.

At Revolution Bag, the saying goes that, "We are a recycling company that makes bags, not a bag company that makes recycled products."

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