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Hard Floor Care Webcast

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As increasing numbers of facilities opt for hard surface flooring over carpeting, your role as caretaker of these surfaces becomes more in-depth and crucial. As seen in the 2013 CM/Spotlight: Hard Floor Care, hard floor care is about more than periodic mopping, occasional strip and refinish processes and periodic project floor care tasks.

hard floor care webcast slide 900x684Because there are numerous nuances pertaining to hard floor care, our panel of experts will spent an hour shedding light on things such as slip resistance, the importance of matting, selecting the proper flooring materials and interim cleaning and maintenance.   

We took our cue from you, our readers, and you'll hear our panelists answer the questions you submitted alongbill mcgarvey with a presentation from Bill McGarvey, Director of Training & Sustainability for the Philip Rosenau Company.

Bill has over 30 years experience in the commercial cleaning industry and is a Cleaning Management Institute certified trainer. He is certified as an official ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard and is CIMS Green Building Certification Expert.